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You said Arenophile ?

A sand collector is a arenophile.

The word originates in :

  • the term “arenit” which indicates, in geology, the sediments of size ranging between 0,065 mm and 2 mm, which represents sand,

  • and the Greek suffix ' phile' which means “which likes”.
  • The arénophile is thus that which “likes sand”!


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  • Welcome on this site !

    You are sand collector ?

    Me too !

    You wish to widen your collection ?
    Me too !

    My name is Jean-Luc MAIRE ; I live in Lyon, in France and I have collected sand for a few years. I benefit from my holidays to collect new samples, but I would wish to widen my collection by new sands (out of France).

    The objective of this site site is not only to support exchanges of sand samples, but also to share an experiment between impassioned collectors.

    You can find my other site about sand, with localization.

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